People Who Join The Emerging Church Movement


What is going to happen to all the professing believers that are going the way of the Emerging Church? Are they still saved or were they never saved in the first place? Seems like the way is getting narrower day by day … and harder to find a church that earnestly contends for the faith.


The complaint against the emerging church is not that it “un-saves” believers (as if that were possible) but that it doesn’t focus on saving unbelievers. Believers who join the emerging church movement will remain believers and will be taken in the rapture. It’s the unbelievers who thought they were OK because they attended one of these churches who will be caught by surprise and who will rightly ask, “Why didn’t someone tell me?”

And yes it is getting harder to find a church that contends for the faith. That’s why the para-church movement has experienced such growth. More and more people are turning to places like the internet for their spiritual sustenance. This has the added benefit of leading believers back into the pattern of self study, something the Lord always intended for us. (Acts 17:11)