Who or What Is “The Perfect” ?


With all the debate about spiritual gifts going on in the church. I have a question. What is the definition of “the Perfect” in 1 Cor 13:10? Some say the canonized bible, others say the Holy Ghost and still others the Kingdom of heaven. What is your interpretation?


Beginning in 1 Cor. 13:8, the context of the passage is how different things will be for us after we’re with the Lord. So what’s being perfected in 1 Cor. 13:10 is the Church. After the rapture/resurrection we’ll be like Jesus (Romans 8:29, 1 John 3:2). We won’t need the gifts of the Spirit any more because we will see face to face and will know fully, even as we are fully known (1 Cor. 13:12). But as long as we’re on earth the gifts will be available to us to compensate for our natural human limitations.