Persuading Stubborn People


Thank you, so much for your hard work in this website. It has truly strengthened my faith, and has been a constant source of Truth since I discovered it.

I am perplexed in talking to non-believing friends and associates. Tonight I had an encounter where the person asked me to prove the Bible’s authenticity, that it wasn’t corrupted over the years. I was wondering how to do this from a secular point of view, on the spot. I do have some quotes and phrases up my sleeves, but nothing seems to work on truly stubborn people. I even presented to them the possibilities of Jesus fulfilling all 300 prophecies, and that compared to secular history it has been more than accurate.

I am confused on what to say to a person that asks for real “proof” if there isn’t more than that. Am I just to forget about it? The way I am forbids even the thought of giving up on a person.
Any advice whatsoever on this would be greatly appreciated, and may God continue to shower his gifts upon you!


A while back I got a similar question from someone challenging me to prove the validity of the Bible. Here’s a link to my answer. See if it helps.

Is There Evidence That Jesus Lived?

I’m sure you understand that some folks aren’t going to be convinced no matter what we say, and ask questions like this just to put us on the defense. As my previous answer shows, the proof of the Bible’s validity is there for anyone willing to look, but for some no amount of proof will suffice because believing the Bible means we’re responsible for our actions and will be held accountable by a higher authority.

The Lord has provided so much proof of His existence that He views these people as being disobedient, not unbelieving. In fact the Greek word that’s translated disobedient comes from the same root as the one meaning unbelief. It means un-persuadable.

They’re like the person who says,”My mind’s made up. Don’t confuse me with facts.”