Pets In Heaven?


First I would like to say that my wife and I find your essays to be very insightful. Our question for you is this, do animals go to heaven? We looked at another site that says it shows proof that they do and gave us a few verses we could look at. However, a couple of them we were able to disprove when we read the verses before and after what they had given us.


I too was not persuaded by the references on the website you sent me to. While there is mention of animals on Earth during the Millennium, the Bible offers no indication of animals living forever in heaven. But what little we do know about Heaven leads us to believe that when we get there, we’ll find that it contains everything necessary for our happiness, and we’ll suffer no sense of loss or regret.

Speaking of our life during this age, Isaiah 65:17 says, “The former things will not be remembered, nor will they come to mind.” This has been interpreted as referring to any guilt or disappointment we feel concerning our failure to bring family or loved ones to a saving faith during their lifetimes, but it could also pertain to the memory of our pets.

So that leaves us with two possibilities. Either our pets will join us to insure our total happiness or every memory of them will be gone to insure that we feel no sense of loss. Either way our joy will not be diminished.