Planet Rahab


I have had several people recently ask me about the missing Planet Rahab once being the headquarters of Satan that God destroyed. I know there are several verses that could refer to this but have a hard time believing this. If you have time I would appreciate your opinion.


The name Rahab appears in the Old Testament a total of 11 times. Five times it refers to the Rahab of Jericho who hid the 2 spies, was the mother of Boaz, and appears in the Lord’s genealogy. The other six times it does not. Some believe these other references refer to a 10th planet, also called Planet X, that was once part of our Solar system and that Satan and his followers inhabited. People disagree as to whether it was originally our 5th or 6th planet, but supposedly it was judged along with Earth and Mars at the time of Satan’s rebellion in the gap between Genesis 1 :1 & 1:2. They also disagree as to whether it was completely destroyed leaving the asteroid belt as a memorial or whether it was sent spinning out into space or a combination of the two. Proponents of the partial destruction theory say that the remnant of the planet Rahab can be seen again in the Eastern sky, and that NASA has known about it for 30 years but isn’t saying anything. They believe that God will use the planet Rahab to effect some of the judgments of Revelation.

All this is wild conjecture developed out of a study combining the Apocryphal Book of Enoch with the application of ELS (Equi-distant Letter Sequencing), commonly known as the Bible Codes. If we’re as close to the end as I think we are, it won’t be long until we know whether the Rahab theories are truth or fiction.