Please Explain This


Unbelievers have said that our Lord was never seriously challenged in his earthly judgments. They were always in response to some form of entrapment by the Temple. For example, Scripture never reports that He was ever faced with the issue of healing an amputation. Although He could have, there is no hint that He was ever asked to. That seems a bit strange. What is the answer to unbelievers in that matter? What is the answer to believers?


I don’t pay any attention to what unbelievers say about the Lord. 1 Cor. 2:14 says the man without the Spirit cannot understand things that come from the Spirit of God. And 2 Cor. 4:4 says the god of this age (Satan) has blinded their minds. Talking with them about Jesus is like trying to have a conversation with a man who can’t understand the language you speak.

From reading the Gospels we can see that the religious leaders of the day were relentless in their efforts to find some error in His teaching. Groups who were otherwise bitter enemies were united in this effort, trying to find some way to discredit Him. All you have to do is read John 8:12-59 so see an example of this.

The Law required a Passover lamb to be minutely inspected in the three days before Passover and in the time between Palm Sunday and the crucifixion Jesus was just as carefully inspected. Matt. 22:46 says He so convincingly defended Himself that finally, no one dared ask Him any more questions.

As for healing amputees, this is a favorite of the unbelievers because they know there’s no specific account of Him doing so. What they don’t understand is that of the thousands of healing miracles Jesus performed, only 21 are described in any detail. We know there were many more because some variation of the phrase “He went among the people healing all their sick” occurs nine times in the Gospels. These 21 weren’t chosen just to describe the Lord’s power to heal but also to teach us something about His nature. If restoring the limb of an amputee would have served as a better teaching tool, the Holy Spirit would have included such a miracle among the 21.

What point are these scoffers trying to make? Are they foolish enough to believe restoring an amputated limb is beyond His capability? Or do they think we are? Debating with them about things like this is an exercise in futility.