Portals To God?


I thought I heard it all with the self and special anointed TV preachers, their jet planes, mansions, expensive cars, phony prophecy, etc. But this week I heard the most bizarre ever coming from a preacher who said he found several portals that lead directly to heaven. He even has a new book on the subject, so it seems to me he was saying that we don’t need to spend time on our knees anymore, just find the heaven portals for instant “Throne Room Admittance”.

I’ve studied the scriptures for years and find many things in the bible that are above my comprehension such as Jacob’s Ladder, Ezekiel’s vision with fiery chariots, Jesus getting into a boat with His disciples and instantly was on the other side of the lake, etc. Even though I can’t comprehend God”s power I do believe every Word, besides, God is not restricted to our law of physics. My question is, do you have any knowledge of anything in scripture referring to “portals” and what is your opinion of this teaching?

Thank you for your daily questions and answer email. I look forward to it and absolutely enjoy your scriptural response.


I’m not familiar with this, but it sounds like something designed more to sell books than to instruct the body. Since the beginning of the human race man has had the ability to communicate with God and because of the Lords’ completed work on the cross, we now have unlimited access into God’s Throne Room. In Ephesians 3:12 Paul wrote: “In him and through faith in him we may approach God with freedom and confidence.” This was long before man knew anything about portals and such.