Post-Rapture Sin?


Thank you for your web-site. I have learned so much in the recent weeks that I have been made aware of what you have written and studied.

My question is – once we have been raptured and have come back with Jesus during the millennium, and then we are in eternity, what will keep us from falling away from the Lord as Lucifer did or as men will during the millennium when Satan gathers his army from people who knew no temptation or had any influence of unbelievers?


The Bible promises eternal security to Church Age believers. While we’re not told anything about life in eternity, I believe it’s logical to assume we’ll have no such problem. 1 Cor. 15:25-26 says that Jesus will conquer every enemy, the last of which is death. Since the penalty for sin is death, if we have eternal life, then we won’t be sinning.