Prayer Furnaces


Thanks for all you do in the name of our Lord. My question is about prayer furnaces. Pastors these days are saying that the prayer furnaces are mainly important because they will usher back the return of Christ. I haven’t seen anywhere in the Bible where this is true. Am I missing something?

I absolutely believe prayer in these last days is important. I understand that the true church will be weak, and it’s hard for me to accept that the church is going to be strong in the last days and their is going to be a huge revival on the heels of these prayer furnaces. What do you think?


The term prayer furnace might be new but the concept is not. Prayer vigils of various lengths have been held since the beginning of the Church age. Paul encouraged the Church to pray with out ceasing as early as 52 AD (1 Thes 5:17).

But there’s nothing in the Bible to suggest that they will result in a revival in the Church in our time. According to the Bible the true Church will continue to decline in both numbers and influence, while the apostate church continues to grow. The great influx of believers during the End Times will take place during Daniel’s 70th Week, after the Church is gone.