Prayer Language And Tongues. Same Or Different?


You have written that you believe those who believe in a prayer language were misinterpreting scripture. Could you tell me which scripture and just how it is misinterpreted?


For the record, I don’t believe there is any scriptural support for a personal prayer language. But what I think I said was that those who believe their prayer language is a manifestation of the gift of tongues are misinterpreting Scripture. I base this conclusion primarily on 1 Cor. 14:27-28;

“If anyone speaks in a tongue, two–or at the most three–should speak, one at a time, and someone must interpret. If there is no interpreter, the speaker should keep quiet in the church and speak to himself and to God.”

No one can interpret a prayer language, including the person speaking it. But throughout 1 Cor. 14 Paul stressed the need for an interpretation whenever there’s a public message in tongues, either by the speaker or an interpreter. Otherwise it doesn’t benefit anyone. Therefore a personal prayer language cannot be the same as the gift of tongues.