Praying To Mary. Follow Up


Regarding prayer to Mary. Would Isaiah 8:19 apply? Or is it that Catholics believe she never died, but ascended into heaven? Is there any historical information regarding her death?


Isaiah 8:19 refers to the prohibition against consulting living mediums and spiritists in order to contact the dead. Praying to Mary, who is already dead, would not be the same as consulting a medium.

As for Mary’s death, there is a tomb said to be Mary’s in Jerusalem at the foot of the path that led from the Temple to the Garden of Gethsemane. There is also a beautiful park near the City of Ephesus where Mary is said to have lived her final years and died. Among scholars, the Jerusalem site is more popular. As far as I know, no one holds the view that Mary never died. The Catholic Feast of the Assumption celebrates the belief that after her death Mary’s body was taken to Heaven.