Psalm 118 And The Second Coming

Q. You have said that you believe 2018 could possibly be the year of our Lord’s return and I share this belief. In Matthew 23:39 and Luke 13:35 Jesus told the Pharisees that He would not return until He heard them say, ” Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord.” This statement is also in Psalm 118 and I don’t think any other place in the Old Testament I know some prophecy teachers believe that the Psalms is talking about the return of Jesus in certain years but this I’m not sure about. I find this very interesting and wanted your thoughts.

A. It was Psalm 118 that got the Lord’s followers in trouble on the first Palm Sunday. According to tradition Psalm 118 was reserved for the entry of the Messiah-King into Jerusalem, and by singing it the people were proclaiming Jesus to be the Messiah (Luke 19:37-38). Having on every other occasion over the preceding 3 years discouraged them from doing so, this time he not only allowed it but told the officials who complained (Luke 19:39), “If they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.” (Luke 19:40). It was the 483rd anniversary of the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem, and Jesus was presenting Himself to Israel as their King just like Daniel 9:24-27 had foretold. They rejected Him and true to His prophecy in Luke 19:41-44, the city was destroyed again 38 years later. I believe He’ll present Himself once more in 2018 and this time they’ll accept Him.

All that said, I’m not convinced there are prophecies in every psalm that are fulfilled in the year corresponding to their number. As I’ve read the claims I have to agree that some quite obviously have been, but to me others seem overly contrived.

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