Psalm 62 And The Promises Of God


Thank you and God bless you for this message you wrote on Psalm 62. I struggle with exactly the lack of faith you are describing in your commentary. I have experienced complete financial ruin, homelessness, loss of family and have periodically succumbed to depression.

I have made some effort and have memorized some scriptural passages: John 15:1-8, Psalms 1, 8 & 23, Romans 12:1-2, John 3:16 and Proverbs 3:5-6. These are all helpful, but I find I have gaps in my knowledge, so I often crumble in the face of adversity because I lack the confidence that comes with knowing God’s Word thoroughly.

You mentioned the need to know God’s promises. Which one’s do I need to know first? Could you recommend a foundation curriculum of essential passages around which I can train my heart under the LORD’s help?


God has spoken over 7000 promises to us through His word. All are important to us at some point in our lives.

But there’s no formula for learning them except to read the Bible and ask God to lead you toward the promises that would be most meaningful to you at this time in your life. There is no substitute to keeping close to Him continually and making yourself sensitive to His still small voice.

Keep reading His Word and pray for wisdom and He’ll keep revealing them to you as you need them. (James 1:5)