Push For Peace


Thank you for always doing such a remarkable job with your wonderful website. I tell everyone about it! What is your take on this push for peace, where all of these countries are now pressuring Israel to give away even more land for this so-called peace agreement? These leaders are really backing the new leadership in Israel into a corner. Thank you for all that you do, including your patience.


President Obama has gone on record, saying that there will be a peace program in place by the end of his first term. I think he’s been pushing to get that going while everyone still likes him. Other nations have seen that as a sign that it’s OK for them to get tough on Israel too.

There’s an old saying that confidence is the feeling you have before you know what’s going on. Other US Presidents have begun their time in office by issuing similar optimistic proclamations. The meeting between PM Netanyahu and Pres. Obama later this month will tell us a lot more about where this is going.