A Question Of Faith


Re: The Sick Woman And The Dead Girl. In the days of Christ the woman was drawn to touch His garment knowing she would be healed. My question is what was it that some saw in the physical man called Christ that others did not? They didn’t have the written Word for years and years to give testimony to His existence and life. They didn’t have the eye witness that saw Him die and rise from the dead or ascend to heaven, yet they believed in Him as a mortal. I think maybe they had far more faith than we do.


In my studies of supernatural healing in the Bible as opposed to today I came to the same conclusion. The differences between life in most developed countries today and life as it was in Biblical times is so dramatic that there’s no comparison. For most of our lifetimes it hasn’t taken much faith at all to get by.

For example, most believers in the West today have never seen a miraculous healing let alone experienced one. It’s gotten so the majority of Christians no longer believe such a thing is even possible. To a large degree, our faith in the Lord has been replaced by faith in the things of man. If the doctors and the drugs can’t heal us we think no one can.

Jesus was not exaggerating when He asked, “When the Son of Man comes will He find faith on the Earth?” (Luke 18:8).