Questions On John 5


I’m doing a study in the Gospel of John, and I’m in Chapter 5.

Vs. 25 & 28 refer to “an hour” – is that referring to the giving of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost? Or is it referring to His resurrection? Vs. 28 seems to be pointing to the final resurrection.

This “hour” seems to correspond with the giving of eternal life, an event in the future. Was eternal life imparted to OT saints only after Jesus’ resurrection? I’m thinking of the verse in Matthew 27 where the tombs were opened and “many” were resurrected.

I find it interesting that in vs. 37, Jesus says that “you have neither heard His voice at any time nor seen His form”. But in vs. 25 & 28, Jesus is talking about “hearing the voice”. Is there any correlation there?


The feast of John 5:1 is not identified, but many who believe the ministry of Jesus lasted over three years interpret it as a Passover. Others say it could have been Pentecost or Tabernacles, since all three were required.

In verse 25 I think He’s talking about the dead who would be raised at His resurrection (Matt. 27:53) and in verse 28 He’s looking forward to the resurrection of the dead in the end times.

Eternal life had always been part of the human existence, but entry into Heaven, where eternity will be spent, was barred until after the Cross. Before that they all went to one of the two destinations in Sheol (Hades). Believers in a coming Messiah went to Paradise while unbelievers went to Torments.

In verses 25 and 28 He said that the dead would hear His voice, but in 37 He said that the living could not.