Was Rabbi Kaduri A Prophet?


The internet is abuzz today with the news of the death of Ariel Sharon and the “unlocking” of the Rabbi Kaduri prophecy. As Christians, should we embrace this age Rabbi’s prophecy as true prophecy, or should we reject it as mysticism? Personally, I do not find anything in scripture that would lead me to believe this prophecy would be reliable.


Rabbi Kaduri’s last statement, given in 2006, contained two points. One, that the Messsiah’s name is Yehoshua (Jesus), is well known and was more of a personal confession. Certainly no one would have called him a prophet based on that fact alone.

The second point was that the Messiah would return after the death of Ariel Sharon. Mr. Sharon was placed in a medically induced coma after suffering a massive stroke in 2006, the same year as Rabbi Kaduri’s statement, and was kept alive for 8 years. Today, January 11, he passed away. Therefore, that part of Rabbi Kaduri’s statement has come true as well.

From Bible prophecy we are now aware that the Messiah’s 2nd Coming will follow Mr. Sharon’s death by at least 7 years, since the 2nd coming will also follow the end of Daniel’s 70th Week, a seven year period of judgments, which is yet to begin. So, even though the Rabbi’s statements turned out to be true, the world will see many other, far more persuasive, signs that will point to the time of the Lord’s return and have been part of the public record for thousands of years.

Therefore, based on these and other statements Rabbi Kaduri made about the future, I don’t see anything that would qualify him as a prophet in the Biblical sense.