Rapture Any Day Now?


Re: Last Call. With so many being saved at present and into the foreseeable future how could the rapture come any day now? Would Jesus actually come and leave people behind that he knows would be saved if they heard the gospel?


According to my understanding of Romans 11:25 the Church has a specific number, and when it’s reached the rapture will take place regardless of any other circumstances. But the rapture won’t put an end to people being saved. Large numbers of people will be saved afterwards, they just won’t be part of the Church. Some scholars call them Tribulation Saints.

The reasons I believe the rapture could happen any day now are 1) there’s no prophetic event that has to precede it, 2) I believe Acts 15:13-18 tells us it has to happen before the 70th Week of Daniel can begin, and 3) signs that we’re in the end of the end times are all around us.