Rapture Or Occupation?


Several months ago during my meditation, the thought came to me that America is going to experience its own “Babylonian Occupation” as in the time of Daniel. Last week, as I surfed the internet, I came across video of politicians quoting Isaiah 9:10 after the 9/11/01 attacks. When I read Isaiah, I realized that it was a verse of defiance from the Israelites vs. turning back to God. With the creep of Islamic law in this country, could we be looking at a similar situation vs. one that includes a rapture, at this time?


The signs that Islam is on a quest for world dominance are obvious to all who care to see. But this is not a question of “either or”. The Islamic conquest of the world and the rapture of the Church are both coming and the signs of the former are indications of how near we are to the latter. The gates of Hell cannot overcome the church (Matt. 16:18), but will prevail against post-Church believers (Rev. 13:7).