No More Rapture Speculation?


I am not hearing much speculation about the rapture nowadays, it almost seems folks have decided it will not happen in our time. Is this because if we were not correct in our understanding of end times scripture? At the close of yet another year, what do you think?


I don’t think people are feeling any less urgent about the rapture. I think it’s more a case of turning away from the speculation over which Jewish feast day it will happen on and realizing that the rapture is a number specific event, not a date specific one. In other words, it will happen when the Gentile Church has reached its full number, as in Romans 11:25, no matter what date that happens to fall on.

This makes a lot more sense, since it was not Israel who was promised the rapture, but the Gentile Church. Having it happen on a feast date doesn’t fulfill the prophetic meaning of any of the feasts, all of which are intended for Israel.

We don’t know what the full number of the Church is. Nor do we know how close we are to reaching it. And aside from reaching the full number, there is no event we can point to as having to happen first. So what we know for sure is that the rapture could happen any day now.