Rapture Timing


First of all, thank you for your wonderful ministry, and may the Lord bless you.

I’m sorry to submit yet another question on this topic, but I’m very confused. I’ve read a great deal about the interpretation of the word “generation”, and its starting point, e.g. the nation of Israel being restored, and Jerusalem coming under Jewish control for the first time in nearly two thousand years. I’m also mindful of the dates 2018-2037 being mentioned.

My confusion stems from the fact that many pastors, etc, are talking as if the rapture could occur at any moment, even before I finish this question (which would suit me just fine!).

I find it difficult to reconcile a (possible) immediate rapture to those dates (2018-2037) previously mentioned. can you help?


I have written that I believe all end times prophecies could be fulfilled as early as 2018 but no later than 2037. So it’s true, the Rapture could come at any moment, because the Battle of Ezekiel 38, the 70th week of Daniel, the Great Tribulation and the 2nd coming all follow it and will require at least seven years and probably more than that to complete. Plus, the Rapture could precede all these events by several years as well.