Re: Who’s Watching Us?


Re: Who’s Watching Us. I read this question and answer and am VERY confused. Can you please help me to understand this?


It’s hard to give you an intelligent answer without knowing what you’re confused about but I’ll try.

1. We know that there are angels among us. Sometimes they’re unseen and sometimes they look like humans. The Bible tells us this in several places. They attend our worship (1 Cor. 11:10) and are here to help us. (Hebr 1:14 & 13:2)

2. In our imperfect human state we’re locked into a partial use of the time dimension. We can only look back and we can only move forward. In our perfected state we’ll have full use of the time dimension being able to look and move both forward and backward in time. This means that after we’re raptured we’ll be able to observe events of the past, present and future and this is what the question was about.

Since it would be impossible to influence those events, we’ll be limited to passive observation only, like when we’re watching a play or movie. A member of the audience can observe what the actors are doing even as they do it, but cannot interfere in the production or influence its outcome. They can only watch as the play moves toward a foregone conclusion. I believe saints in heaven have that capability now, as do angels, and one day we’ll have it too.

Does this clear things up a little?