Read Till He Speaks


I am a believer.I am eagerly looking forward to meeting the Lord in person,face to face.

Until that day arrives I am curious as to how to grow my relationship with the Lord. It appears that my communication with him is one way,(me talking to, and listening for him). To date, (although I feel that I am listening), I have not heard anything but silence. Effective two way communication seems to be essential in getting to know God. I don”t see there being any substitute. I am asking for help in this matter. I appreciate your time. Thanks.


Many years ago, as a new believer, I put the same question to my mentor in the faith.

“Open your Bible, and read till He speaks,” I was told.

I learned that “read till He speaks” means that as you’re reading, you may be prompted to stop and think about something you’ve just read. As you’re thinking, a deeper understanding of the passage, or a personal application that relates to something you’re facing may come into your mind. By that you know He’s spoken. It’s a good way to practice listening for that “still, small voice”.