Rebellion At The End Of The Millennium


You have taught that, as time passes during the Millennium, mortal man will will become increasingly evil, and sin will become widespread again. Therefore, when Satan is released he will have no problem gathering an army to go to war again against God. Does Scripture say that sin and rebellion will occur only in the Nations, but the Kingdom will be singularly free of it? Does it mean that Israel, alone on earth, will be free of the rebellion that will characterize the rest of the earth as the Millennium draws to a close? If Yes, is that a result of our Lord’s personal, hands-on, Rod of Iron rule of Israel?


I think a good case could be made to support your suggestion that the rebellion will only occur among the gentile descendants of tribulation survivors, and not in Israel. Rev. 20:9 indicates that Satan’s rebellious army will come from all over the world to attack God’s people and the city He loves. This tells me that the Jews are as much a target as God Himself is.

But Psalm 2:8 says the Lord will rule the nations with an iron scepter, not just Israel. The rebellion demonstrates that natural man’s sin nature will eventually cause him to rebel against the Lord even when he knows that defeat is the only possible outcome. It’s a remarkable commentary on the destructive effects of man’s sin nature.

But even in this age there are countless millions who have heard the Gospel and at some level know that rejection will have eternal consequences, and yet they refuse to believe. Remember, Jesus said that everyone who asks receives, all who seek will find, and to anyone who knocks, the door will be opened. (Matt. 7:7-8) It’s not that they can’t believe, it’s that they won’t.