Rebellious Cain. Follow Up


I agree with your assessment in “Why Is Cain’s Line Called Rebellious?” It does raise a question, however. I was born with a creative gene and all things creative come naturally to me without having to work for it. People say, “How do you do that?” I don’t know I just know how. The Bible says we’re not to build earthly treasures. Am I supposed to stop painting? Songs come and go and I doubt that any of it is eternal. Should I stop writing songs? My question is, does this place me in the rebellious line of Cain because the arts provide pleasure and can provide rest when you experience them? You said, “And while all these so-called talents from Cain’s line have been used in the glorification of God, they have more often been used to promote great evil.” Isn’t it possible that talented and creative people also came from the line Seth? Are all earthly treasure to be avoided?


Let me offer a couple of corrections to your understanding of this subject. First, Jesus said we shouldn’t store up (accumulate or hoard) treasure on Earth. (Matt. 7:19) He didn’t say we shouldn’t create any. Second, the line of Cain perished in the flood, so you can’t be part of it. Third, it’s not that only the line of Cain had these talents, but that they used them to build an earth centered civilization in rebelling against God. People can use the talent God has given then for good (glorifying God) or evil (glorifying man). The choice is ours.