Reformed Theology


I was wondering about your take on Reformed Theology. I recently attended a conference hosted by a Reformed ministry. With the aberrant theologies infiltrating many of the evangelical churches today, I’m desperate to find sound doctrine being taught. The Reformers seem to hold true to the Scriptures, but they also have a few practices I’m not very familiar with.

Also, can you offer some encouragement regarding those of us who are not able to find a fellowship wherein sound, meaty doctrine is taught? Our family has visited a number of churches and have finally settled into one simply because we know that we’re commanded to fellowship with and serve the body, even though the teaching is rather “milky.”


The most obvious differences between dispensational and traditional reformed theology concern the End Times. Reformed theology teaches that God’s covenant with man has been transferred from Israel to the Church. I would also say most Reformed Theologians are a-millennial (no literal 1000 year kingdom on Earth) and if they believe in the Rapture of the Church, they don’t see it as being separate from the 2nd Coming. This doesn’t mean you can’t be fed in a church guided by reformed theology, as long as it remains true to the basics of the gospel. It just means you won’t hear much about the End Times in one, and what you do hear will be more allegorical than literal. You’ll have to do your prophecy studies on the internet.