Regrets In Heaven?


I have a quick question about the BEMA judgment. I believe the BEMA is a judgment of works, not of salvation, that occurs shortly after the rapture and takes place in heaven for christians only? My question is, will there be regret in heaven? Will christians who did not do much for the Lord on earth be regretful in heaven after the BEMA? If so, wouldn’t that allow sorrow to persist in heaven and worse throughout eternity? At the same time, I see passages like Revelation 21:4 that say there will be no more sorrow. How does this work?


The short answer is that regardless of what you’ve been told or taught, no one knows how it will work because the Bible doesn’t tell us. But consider this. Our eternity in heaven with the Lord has been called our blessed hope, a time of endless joy, without any death or mourning or crying or pain, as you said. Why would the Lord cause us to have feelings of regret, especially when there will be nothing we can do about it except be sad. We can’t go back and serve some more. It would only serve to dampen our joy. Does that sound like the Lord to you?