Removing Our Memories


I just read “Missing From Heaven.” I have been thinking about this very subject lately. Do you believe our “loss of memory” from our time on this earth in the flesh will be wiped out completely, or partially? It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me that we will not remember anything. But the thought that God will selectively erase parts of our memory, is inspiring to the Greatness of our Father. Help please! i.e. if we don’t remember anything of our time on earth in the flesh, wouldn’t it be “all for nothing?”


The clearest statement on this point is in Isaiah 65:17 where referring to the time of the renewal of all things God said, “The former things will not be remembered nor will they come to mind.”

Our understanding of what constitutes a pleasant memory is subjective in that it can only be compared to other events of our natural life. But what if our next life is beyond comparison to this one? As different as night and day, or enslavement and freedom? Would we still want to retain our earthly memories?

I’m comfortable trusting God in this matter. If He wants to erase every memory from this life, that’s fine with me because I know He’ll be doing so with my unmitigated happiness in mind.