Replacement Theology


I guess I must have had my head in the sand for many, many years or something but it never occurred to me so strongly until recently that there are some last day views that write Israel as a Nation out of Revelation.

I guess it is part of the “Church replaces Israel”
view but even their views vary. I know that the New Covenant is that all who are to be saved in this day, will be part of the Church, so they include all in Israel who will believe in Christ.

I guess my question is how can they ignore the
language of Revelation, the 144,000, Babylon, the
12 tribes, Mt.Zion, The Mount of Olives, etc etc. Do they spiritualize the book of Revelation? Is it seen as all of the O.T. has already taken place or fulfilled before Christ came? I can see the point of all who become saved being the Church but I just cannot see the Church as being Israel.


The view you’re asking about is called Replacement Theology because it replaces every mention of Israel with the Church. Since the Bible is clear that Israel will endure the Great Tribulation, many people who believe in Replacement Theology are either post-trib, or deny the Tribulation altogether, saying it all happened in the past. In either case holding this view requires a departure from the literal understanding of end times prophecies like the Book of Revelation.