Responding To An Atheist


I have been speaking to a friend online and he is an atheist. His last comment to me was this:

“Saviour? why do religious people think we all need saving? my life is great. I make my own destiny and my heaven is right here and now. why do you need saving?”

Can you please advise how I can answer this without sounding really uncool and preachy?


You’ve pointed out the major problem atheists have. They don’t believe in an after life, so they think that this life is all there is. It’s a hard position to counter, because only one person has ever come back from the dead, and they don’t believe He exists. So there isn’t any way to prove them wrong. The one’s who have it good in the here and now are even more difficult to reach.

There’s no point in debating, because until you share a common perspective it’s like you’re speaking two different languages. The best thing is to pray that God will reveal Himself to your friend and soften his heart. When push comes to shove, most people who claim to be atheists are not as convinced of their position as they sound, and if the door of faith can be opened even slightly, they can be persuaded to change their views. Praying for this is consistent with God’s will and is the most powerful thing you can do.