Rev. 3:3. Rapture Or 2nd Coming?


I have a question re: what Jesus said in Matt. 24:36 & 42-44 versus Rev. 3:3. I understand from your series “The Last 8 Days” that in Matthew, Jesus is talking about His 2nd Coming. The terminology in Rev. 3:3 with the mention of Jesus coming upon the church in Sardis as a “thief in the night” if they “don’t wake up”. My question is in your opinion is Jesus referring to the Rapture in Rev. 3:3? Your insight is always appreciated and may God continue blessing you with your gift of knowledge of His Word. I thank Him for guiding me to you.


A careful reading of Rev. 3:3 shows the Lord is referring to the 2nd Coming. Many people see the phrase “like a thief” and assume it refers to the rapture, although literally speaking that phrase is never used to describe the rapture. Also in the rapture the Lord comes part way to Earth, then we go up to meet Him in the clouds and He takes us to His father’s house (John 14:1-3). At the 2nd coming He comes all the way to the Earth and the people don’t go anywhere. If Rev. 3:3 was referring to the rapture, the wording would be “come for you” not “come upon (to) you”.

To me Rev. 3:4 indicates there will be a few people from Sardis taken in the rapture “they will walk with Me dressed in white for they are worthy” but the majority will be left behind to face the end times judgments.