Revelation Time Line One More Time


With all the talk lately about the tribulation and the rapture, especially that according to some views we are already halfway through the “week”, I was wondering if you could provide a timeline. Do the final judgements in Revelation take place throughout the final week or just the last 3 and 1/2 years? Can a case be made that one or more of the seals have been opened? In my view the Church will be gone before any judgments start. What do you think?


I’ve done this before but it’s worth repeating. Taking the Revelation chronologically, a rough timeline of major prophetic events looks like this.

We find the rapture of the Church in Rev. 4-5.

Daniel’s 70th Week brings the wrath of God with the seal judgments in Rev. 6 and the trumpet judgments in Rev. 8-11.

Satan is expelled from heaven in Rev. 12 and the Great Tribulation begins in Rev. 13 with the bowl judgments coming in Rev. 15-16.

All the world’s religious, commercial and governmental systems are destroyed in Rev. 17-18 and the Lord returns in Rev. 19 to set up the Millennial Kingdom on Earth and bring the New Jerusalem down from Heaven in Rev. 20-22.

None of these events have taken place yet regardless of what anyone tells you.