Revived Ottoman Empire. Follow Up


Earlier today I read your article about the Revived Ottoman Empire and also the Q&A about Comparing Daniel 2 and 7. I’ve also long believed that Islam would become the One World Religion if only because they seem to be the only ones that regularly practice beheading (as will happen during the Great Tribulation). What I am not sure about, and I don’t think anyone CAN be sure just yet, is does a Revived Ottoman Empire fit with Daniel’s prophecies? Could it really be a Revived Ottoman Empire instead of a Revived Roman Empire from which the Antichrist will come? And could it be that Islam becomes the One World Religion where their Mahdi is the antichrist and possibly the Roman Catholic Pope is the False Prophet that tries to get non-Muslims to worship the Mahdi? Does that all fit with the Bible?


What a lot of people don’t understand is that the Ottoman Empire was largely made up of territory that had previously been a large part of the Roman Empire. Therefore a growing number of prophecy students think it’s possible for a revived Ottoman Empire to fulfill the prophecy of a revived Roman Empire. The details of how this could come to pass are not specified in the Bible but everything you have written is theoretically possible and is consistent with Bible prophecy.