Right To Die


Could you tell me where you stand on the topic of “right to die?” And also what might be in the scriptures to support or deny this kind of choice someone could be facing in their terminal illness. Thank you and God bless you and all that you do in teaching others the Lord’s word.


I don’t think a terminally ill believer has any obligation to extend his or her life through artificial means.

But ending one’s life prematurely, or asking someone to assist them in doing so is going a step further and violates the commandment against murder (Exodus 20:13). It makes the phrase “right to die” another term for suicide. This is a sin.

When Jesus went to the cross He knew every sin of our life and died for all all of them, even that one (Colossians 2:13-14).  So, born again believers who commit suicide are forgiven.

For an unbeliever, suicide is simply the last in a long list of unforgiven sins for which the penalty of eternal punishment has already been decreed (John 3:18). That person would be better off staying alive by any means possible if it would provide another chance to respond to the gospel.