Round Up Time?


I have come across a growing concern by many, that martial law is on the horizon. Apparently, FEMA has drawn up an extensive list of resistors and dissidents. It is said the resistors are gun owners, and the dissidents are Christians. If that is possible, then what’s to become of us? I thought we weren’t appointed unto God’s wrath. Your thoughts, please?


There are people who claim that detention centers have been built to house those who are to be rounded up, and can direct us to websites where we can view pictures of them.

The interesting part is that between 25 and 40% of our armed forces are Christian, as are many community leaders, government officials, and business executives. The disappearance of just these people in the rapture will bring America to its knees. Add gun owners to the mix and you have surely included over half the population that would have to be rounded up.

Short of being conquered by an enemy with sufficient staff to fill all these vacant positions and guard 150 million or so “resistor/dissidents”, I can’t imagine someone purposely doing this. If something like this were to happen, more likely, it would be after the Rapture when the country’s already in a state of anarchy.

But keep in mind that God’s Wrath is a specific time of divine judgment. We can already see growing persecution of Christians in the world and shouldn’t believe that we’ll always be exempt from it in the West. But it doesn’t mean that God’s wrath has come. However I think the unbelieving world is a long way from rounding us all up.