Sabbatical Cycles And Jubilees


Given that the Seventieth Week has to or should begin on a Sabbatical Cycle, The date ranges, 2018 and/or 2037, looks like they don’t match up with the Sabbatical Cycles. Also, when there is a Jubilee year, does the next Sabbatical Cycle start that same year or the next year?


Who says that the 70th week has to begin a sabbatical cycle, and who really knows when sabbatical cycles begin? Who knows the date of the next Jubilee year for certain? And even if someone does, scholars don’t agree on whether the sabbatical cycle begins with a jubilee year or with the next one.

2018 is simply the latest time when all End Times prophecies can be fulfilled if you begin with 1948 and 2037 is the latest if you begin with 1967. Neither date was intended to be exact, but just to frame a likely window of time.