Satan In The Great Tribulation


I saw where someone had written to you about a conversation with his/her daughter about Satan’s physical whereabouts. Your answer was great, but that brought up a question in my mind.

Some previous research Ive done looking into this same thing was that as Earth is a physical realm, Heaven is a Spiritual realm, with our physical realm embedded in it, and Satan is a spiritual being without a physical form, although Scripture tells us spiritual beings can assume physical form as in the case of Gen 6. During the Great Tribulation when Satan is confined to Earth they (the scholars and commentators) aren’t comfortable speculating if Satan will be a physical entity at that point, but that whether he became physical or remained a spiritual being, he’d still lose his access to Heaven, and/or the spiritual realm. Jack, is my research on that subject Scripturally accurate? I’m hoping you’ll tell me if I’m off base or completely wrong about it, and if I’m wrong, please correct me. Thanks.


During the Great Tribulation when Satan is cast out of Heaven and confined to Earth, he’ll apparently inhabit the body of the anti-Christ. But at the 2nd Coming, the anti-Christ will be thrown into the Lake of Fire while Satan is bound in the Abyss, two different places. They’ll wind up together again at the end of the Millennium when Satan receives his final judgment. In any case, as of Rev. 12:9 Satan will have forever lost access to Heaven.