Satan Against Himself


A prophecy website that just bashed someone for talking about an Islamic antichrist, by asking how it is possible when Armageddon has the “kings of the east” marching on the middle east by asking, “what are they going to do march on themselves?” Is this writer of eschatology looking at it correctly regarding the Armageddon question; he is a long-time opponent to anyone who thinks the antichrist can be Islamic.


The phrase “kings of the East” literally means “kings of the rising sun” a term usually reserved for people of the far east.

But no matter how you interpret the term, this argument is without merit. Rev. 13:4-8 tells us the whole world will worship the dragon (Satan) and the beast (anti-Christ). It doesn’t matter what religion we’re talking about, the bottom line is several end times battles will pit the forces of Satan against themselves. This is one of God’s signature moves, used throughout the Old Testament. One example still in the future is mentioned in Ezekiel 38:21.

For a real time example of Muslim against Muslim, just look at the Middle East today where you can see Sunni Muslims fighting against Shia Muslims and even against other Sunni Muslims.