Satanic Miracles


These days we are witnessing various (proven) healings in Christian Churches. Can the devil be linked to healings? we are told in the Bible that the Lord Jesus expected people to believe in Him as a result of the healings He performed. Healings are a sign that God is with the person in question. The Jews knew that the devil could not do the wonders that Jesus did. In John 10:21, it was commented “can the devil open the eyes of the blind?”… in addition to various other comments made regarding casting out devils. Can it be assumed that if such healings are taking place, they are from God or should we doubt in them and link them to the devil? can the devil do such things??? Please i would appreciate having biblical references – if any – showing the powers of the devil esp. in healings that take place within God’s people.


Most miracles can be duplicated by Satan. (2 Thes. 2:9) Witch doctors and Shamans perform healing “miracles”. The faith of the person being healed plays such an important part in the healing process that it can be misdirected and still achieve the desired result.

Your quote from John 10:21 refers to the miracle Jesus performed in John 9, giving sight to a man born blind. In John 9:32 it’s noted that no one in Israel had ever heard of a man born blind being healed. That’s because it was a work of creation, not restoration, and that’s something only God can do.

To see if the miracle is legitimate, pay close attention to where the prayer is being directed and look beyond the words to see who really gets the credit for the miracle. For example, why do the “faith healers” of today often live such ostentatious life styles, and why do they covet celebrity status if it’s the Lord doing the healing?