Satan’s Flood


I just finished reading the article on Rev. 11:15-12:17, and something occurred to me at the end of it, reading your comment on the surge of water Satan uses to try to destroy the Jews. I was just thinking, I know in Turkey, they’ve built the Anatolia dam with which they’re holding back all of the water of the Euphrates now (thereby releasing the “four angels”?) Certainly when the antichrist/Mahdi comes, he’ll have control over this dam. Could the unleashing of this dam release the water the antichrist uses to cause this flood? What do you think?


The flood Satan will release in an attempt to wipe out the fleeing remnant is described in Rev. 12:15. Traveling from Judea to Petra, where I believe the remnant will hide, involves crossing the Jordan. (The Euphrates River is several hundred miles east of Israel.) Opening the flood control gates at the southern end of the Sea of Galilee could cause the Jordan to flood, and this might be what Satan attempts.

The 6th bowl judgment of Rev. 16:12 describes drying up the Euphrates to prepare the way for the Kings of the East. I think this is the time when control of the dam will come into play. It would be an easy way to dry up the river completely, not by opening the flood gates but by closing them. According to the National Geographic Turkey has done this before, as a test of the system, causing great alarm throughout the Middle East.