Satan’s Strategy


Does Satan see the future as God does and if so is he just trying to change it?


I believe Satan is aware of the future as it’s been revealed in the Bible. By his ongoing efforts, it’s clear he thinks he can thwart the will of God and change the future. When he’s expelled from Heaven, as explained in Rev. 12:7-12, he will know he has but a little time to accomplish his main objective which is to prevent the remnant of Israel from petitioning the Lord’s return. If he can do that then Earth will be his by default.

According to Hosea 5:15-6:3, his persecution of the Jews during the Great Tribulation will actually prompt their decision to turn to the Lord for help. This will bring about the 2nd Coming, putting Satan’s great plan to naught. The very strategy he thinks will bring him victory will result in his defeat.

This will be the second time the Lord will turn what Satan expects to be a big victory into utter defeat. It happened at the cross as well. 1 Cor. 2:8 tells us that if the demonic powers had known what Jesus was going to accomplish on the cross they would have tried to prevent the crucifixion.