Saved After The Rapture


I am very grateful for the articles and answers to questions on the website, which I find both encouraging and inspiring. I have a question regarding those who accept Jesus after the rapture, in the the context of pre-trib teaching. Will they miss out on the marriage supper of the Lamb? If so what does that mean for them?


The Church Age ends with the rapture. Therefore, those who accept the Lord after the rapture will not be part of the Church. They’re called Tribulation believers, or Tribulation saints. Many will be martyred for their faith and will go to be with the Lord. They are not the Bride but will be guests at the wedding supper. In Rev. 19:9 the angel told John, “Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb.” A bride does not need an invitation to her own wedding supper. Those who survive the Great Tribulation will be welcomed into the Millennial Kingdom in their natural bodies and will help repopulate the Earth.