Saved But Don’t Enjoy Church


I have a question about church attendance and being saved. I know that we are only saved by what we believe, but what about someone who does not enjoy going to church? I love Jesus and I love being around other Christians but honestly I find church sort of a drag. It is so ritualistic and I find some of the people there think the building is more important than the relationship. How should I deal with this?


I can’t tell you the number of letters I get like this. In my opinion, the importance of church attendance is to meet three needs we all have. They are worshiping God, studying His word, and having a time of fellowship with other believers. Everything else is either superfluous or better done elsewhere and can actually inhibit the fulfillment of these three needs.

Obviously these needs can be met in other ways, such as small groups, prayer partnerships, home Bible studies, etc. If your church is not meeting these needs I suggest trying an alternative that will meet them.