Saved By Their Works?


Re: People who are here after the Rapture. How do they fight and prove themselves worthy, especially when the anti-Christ will fool most into believing he is Christ? I ask this because I feel many left behind will still have a chance of being saved by their works.


No one ever has, and no one ever will, gain eternal life through their works. Even in Old Testament times salvation was by faith. They had to give evidence of their faith by obeying God’s laws, but without having faith in the coming Redeemer their obedience was insufficient to save them (Isaiah 66:3-4). Faith is the only thing that can make us righteous in God’s sight (Romans 4:4-8).

Many will be saved after the rapture, perhaps more than in all of history. They’ll be persuaded by the overwhelming evidence of God’s existence, as seen in the dramatic fulfillment of prophecy and in the supernatural judgments He brings upon Earth. Rev. 14:12 tells us the basis for their salvation will be similar to that of Old Testament believers. They will have to obey God’s commandments and remain faithful to Jesus.