Saved From The Penalty


In response to recent questions and answers about those professing christians who continue in blatant sin. Your answer was regardless of lifestyle as long as they name the name of Christ they will go in the rapture. In Matt. 7 Jesus clearly refutes antinomianism, also the book of 1 John clearly indicates that a christian may sin occasionally but it will no longer continue to be a pattern of life, sin will no longer reign over any born again person. Romans is plain that sin no longer has us in slavery to self indulgence.


This article generated a ton of response, much of it negative. One of the common threads among the negative responses was the misinterpretation of what I said about being saved. Some even suggested that I said everyone who claims to be saved will be raptured. What I said is the basis of salvation, and therefore inclusion in the rapture, is belief that the completed work of our Lord on the Cross is sufficient to pay for our sins. I repeatedly mentioned the single qualification as being born again. Whether a person is or isn’t is a matter for the Lord to determine, and no one else on Earth is qualified to make that determination for Him. Many apparently fine upstanding people who claim to be Christians will not be taken, and many who we would consider to be “the scum of the Earth” will. Everyone alive on Earth today is a conscious, willful, repetitive sinner. (1 John 1:8) The only difference is that some of us have been saved from the penalty thereof.