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I have been following and loving your website for a long time and I truly agree with what you are saying about the topic of “OSAS”. Today I came across an article that shook my my belief in OSAS somewhat. I am wondering what you think about this?


I stopped looking at opinions that deny eternal security a long time ago because I am thoroughly convinced from my own extensive research that the Bible teaches OSAS.

If you truly agree with what I’ve written about OSAS, as you say, then your belief should not be shaken by an article that disputes it. Do you believe the Bible teaches OSAS because of your own study or are you just taking my word for it? If you’re just taking my word for it you should apply Acts 17:11 and search the Scriptures to decide for your self whether what I’ve said is true. After you do that, you won’t be shaken by opinions that dispute OSAS any more.