Searching For A Church Home


I have a question about attending a church whose teachings are contrary to my beliefs. I am recently remarried, and while my husband is a believer in Christ, and has trusted Him as his savior, he is still more liberal in his spiritual beliefs, whereas I come from a conservative background. Lately, we have been attending both a Baptist church and a Methodist church, alternating between them. He says he likes the Methodist church because it allows him to see a relative who attends there, but some of their doctrinal positions are absolutely contrary to the Bible. I prefer the Baptist church because I can be fed there. My questions is, should we even attend a church whose teachings are in such conflict with scripture?


In my opinion, a church that by word or deed supports or encourages positions that are contrary to the scriptures is not part of The Church, and therefore is not a good place for a born again believer to call home. Attending such a church just to see a relative is a poor excuse at best, not a legitimate reason. Surely there are other choices than to alternate between one you don’t like and one he doesn’t like. I suggest you keep looking for a church that can become a home for both of you.