Self Defense Vs. Civil Disobedience


I read that you believe it’s okay to use guns for self-defense and I would agree. Is it self defense if we are use a gun to keep either local authorities or some branch of the military being used domestically to confiscate our guns if these authorities are acting upon an order from the government? It seems like this is coming soon. If the rapture hasn’t occurred before this happens, are we to view the powers that be as being sanctioned by God and that we should do as they say even though we know they have very evil intentions with all this? Should we go as sheep and turn everything over to them and then get in the trucks or buses as ordered to take us to their camps as was done to the Jews?


There’s a difference between self defense and civil disobedience. The only civil disobedience sanctioned by the Bible concerns either being forced to worship a false god as in Daniel 3, or being denied the right to speak of the one true God, as in Acts 4:18-20. In your question you’ve taken a big leap from having your guns confiscated to being hauled off to extermination camps. Are you really prepared to stand alone against an armed military force and refuse to turn over your hunting rifle?

We have every right to expect that things will get much worse soon and can see our government making preparations to deal with civil disobedience, but Jesus told us not to worry about these things. He said to seek His Kingdom and His righteousness and let Him take care of our needs (Matt. 6:33). Keep in mind He said this knowing that within a few years the people to whom He was speaking would be scattered to the four winds.

You should also remember that when the Jews were marched off to the camps, they had rejected the God who came to save them, and therefore had no expectation of protection from Him.