Separation At Babel


Speaking of the confusion of tongues at Babel you have said, “I believe God first separated the people by physical appearance based on their family lines.” Do you have biblical doctrine or logical support for this claim?


When I say “I believe” I mean that I’m giving my opinion. But even a casual examination of a cross section of people from the same race reveals a physical resemblance that could only be genetic.

It’s logical to conclude from this that people who look alike come from the same gene pool meaning that they have common ancestors. Through the inbreeding that was forced on them by their separation from others, their dominant characteristics became more pronounced over time.

You and I can guess at a person’s ancestry with a fair degree of accuracy just from clues in their physical appearance. Also, it makes sense to me that God would more likely have separated families from other families, rather than break them all up and scatter them indiscriminately.