Servant Or Bride?


Thank you so much for your wisdom and insight into the Bible. In one of your articles I remember you saying that trib believers would have different eternal rewards than the Church. I think this was from the letters to the seven churches in Revelation, but I think I see it wrong.

It said that the church in Philadelphia would be made into a pillar in the temple of God, never leaving it and always being a servant there while
those in the church in Laodicea would be seated on the right of God. I am most confused by this because the impression I got was that those roles
would be reversed, unless all believers’ rewards are the same.


In the Letter to Philadelphia (Rev. 3:10-13), Jesus promised that over comers would be a pillar in His Temple, not that they would be servants. And in the Letter to Laodicea (Rev. 3:14-22), He said that over comers would sit with Him on His throne. This implies that anyone from the Laodicean Church who hears His call and responds before the Rapture can still be included. We know it has to happen before the Rapture because only the Bride can sit with Him on His throne. Those who become servants in God’s Temple are Tribulation Martyrs. They’re described in Rev. 7:9-17. They’re the ones with a destiny different from that of the Church.